Recovery IV Treatment

Our bodies are miraculous machines, but sometimes they need a boost to help them recover from the rough treatment we put them through. If you’re an avid athlete or workout enthusiast, or you enjoy late nights out at the club, Bare Bunny Aesthetics Recovery IV is full of restorative nutrients that will restore your body to optimum function.

Recovery IV treatments can also benefit people who are going through, or have just been through, an illness. Whether you suffer from a chronic condition or you’re getting over a nasty bug, you know just how much the body exhausts itself when it mounts a big immune defense. Our Recovery IV treatment gives your immune system a helping hand when it needs it by providing critical vitamins and minerals.

The truth is, just about everyone can benefit from a Recovery IV infusion. The Recovery IV blend helps replenish the nutrients your body needs to get through the busy day.

How Does the Recovery IV Treatment Work?

The Recovery IV is administered intravenously and takes about an hour to complete. The drip IV delivers essential nutrients that promote healing and boosts immune response. The Recovery IV also works to decrease inflammation in the body, which has profound long-term health benefits, since inflammation is a contributor to serious ailments like heart disease and cancer.

Bare Bunny Aesthetics unique formulation gives the Recover IV its power: B vitamins, vitamin C, Magnesium, and both Glutathione Push and Lipostat Plus are combined in the hydration solution for maximum effectiveness. B-Complex vitamins help your body transport and process the nutrients in the food you consume. B12 aids in the formation of red blood cells, which boost nerve and brain capabilities. Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, helps your body form and maintain soft tissues like muscle, cartilage, and collagen.

And while you may not have heard of Glutathione, it’s exceptionally helpful in fighting free radicals and reducing the effects of aging. (Its ability to lessen the terrible effects of chemotherapy is also well known.) Lipostat is a sophisticated blend of nutrients that are often used to jump-start the metabolism by encouraging the release of fat in your body.

This blend of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients serves to aid recovery from anything from extreme sports to common ailments. It’s even useful if you’re just hoping to boost energy and improve mental clarity.

Why is the Recovery IV Treatment so Effective?

The vitamins and nutrients contained in the Recovery IV are also available in other forms. They can be taken orally, and some can be injected. Several are also available as topical ointments. While these methods of supplementation can be helpful, and indeed should be used if for any reason an IV isn’t right for you, there are unparalleled benefits to receiving supplements through an IV drip.

Nutrients delivered through an IV drip bypass your GI tract, which is beneficial in a few ways. For one, not only is the digestive tract ineffective when it comes to breaking down some of these nutrients. When the digestive tract does manage to break down these nutrients, it’s harder on your body. The IV drip allows the nutrients to be efficiently absorbed into the bloodstream without strain or effort.

Of course, another big benefit of the IV drip is its hydrating effect. In addition to receiving restorative nutrients, you’ll be simultaneously rehydrating your body. When the body works hard to recover, hydration is critical in healing.

Do I Need to Worry about Side Effects?

The side effects of the Recovery IV are usually minimal, as these nutrients are already naturally occurring within the body. The most common side effect is irritation from the needle. When you work with experienced practitioners, like the Bare Bunny Aesthetics team, you’ll be closely monitored while your drip is administered.

Is the Recovery IV Treatment Right for Me?

The Recovery IV is for anyone who wants a boost in energy, clarity, and recovery. Whether you’re an athlete, getting over an illness, or had a late night out with friends, you’ll be able to benefit from the Recovery IV blend. Bare Bunny Aesthetics Mobile Therapy brings recovery to you 24/7, and if you want to know how to schedule an appointment, simply contact us today.