NAD + Boost Therapy for Anti-Aging

Traditionally, IV therapy has been administered in hospitals to the sick or injured. In recent years, however, healthcare practitioners have become interested in the preventative and recovery benefits IV therapies can provide to everyone, even outside of the medical setting. Bare Bunny Aesthetics has developed a suite of IV therapies intended to elevate health and well-being with minimal inconvenience to our clients. We know you’re busy, and that it can be difficult to schedule time to take care of yourself. That’s why we bring the therapies you need to you. This includes our NAD+ Boost Therapy, a go-to treatment for anyone looking to slow down the aging process in a holistic way.

What is NAD+ Boost Therapy?

NAD+ is nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, which is a type of coenzyme that naturally occurs in the human body. These coenzymes work to slow the aging process and help keep our cells vital and healthy. Many of our Bare Bunny Aesthetics clients choose NAD+ therapies to boost their bodies’ own anti-aging capabilities because, as we age, NAD+ regulation is reduced. NAD+ Boost Therapy helps to replenishing these valuable coenzymes.

Naturally-occurring NAD+ can be supplemented in different ways, including injection, nasal spray, and capsules that can be taken orally. While each of these can be beneficial, the most efficient way to benefit from NAD+ supplementation is through our NAD+ Boost Therapy.

When administered through an IV drip, NAD+ bypasses the digestive system. Absorption into the bloodstream is easy and efficient. Boosted hydration is an additional benefit of the IV drip method.

How Does NAD+ Boost Therapy Aid in Anti-Aging?

As we age, our body’s ability to produce NAD+ decreases. This reduction in anti-aging coenzymes creates a negative feedback loop that speeds up the aging process: When your body doesn’t produce enough NAD+ coenzymes, it will age faster, resulting in an increasingly reduced ability to produce the coenzymes.

NAD+ fights anti-aging in a number of ways. Two of the most important are increased serotonin levels, which help to alleviate the toll of stress on the body, and the rapid repair of damaged skill cells. When our cells are slow to recover, we may see the results of aging in the form of wrinkles or skin elasticity.

The NAD+ coenzyme also plays a critical role in muscle health. As we age, maintaining muscle mass is challenging, especially for women. NAD+ therapies have been shown to improve muscle function and post-workout recovery. When NAD+ is administered as an IV treatment, the muscles also benefit from the increased hydration.

Are There Side Effects of NAD+ Boost Therapy?

While there are numerous benefits to NAD+ Boost Therapy, some people may experience mild side effects, and it’s wise to understand these before you begin. All are short-lived.

Common to any IV treatment, many clients can expect mild tenderness at the injection site or slight bruising as a result of the needle insertion. Potential side effects related to the NAD+ Boost Therapy itself can include digestive issues like nausea, diarrhea, indigestion, and upset stomach, or mild brain fog and tiredness. In very rare cases, patients receiving NAD+ infusions suffer an allergic reaction.

Bare Bunny Aesthetics team of highly skilled healthcare professionals will always discuss your concerns, answer your questions about the treatment, and make sure you know what to expect from any of our treatments before starting an infusion.

Is NAD+ Boost Therapy Right for My Aging Journey?

Everyone has their own approach to the process of growing older. While some people want to maintain a youthful appearance that matches the age they feel, others prioritize their body’s health and resilience. The beauty of NAD+ Boost Therapy is that it addresses both concerns, restoring the cells responsible for our well-being and our appearance and turning back the clock. When you’re nourished at the cellular level, it shows up on the outside.

While IV therapies may not be appropriate for certain individuals with preexisting health concerns like insulin sensitivity or heart conditions, most people experience a sense of rejuvenation with NAD+ Boost Therapy.

We understand you’re busy, which is why we offer mobile therapy services. We come to you, making self-care easier than ever. To learn more about our NAD+ Boost Therapy, contact Bare Bunny Aesthetics Mobile Therapy today.