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Whole food sources of collagen, like bone broth and gelatin, have become popular. What most people don’t know about them is that they’re difficult for the body to digest. “Raw” and “Whole Food” are two things you don’t want your collagen to be. Many people mistakenly think that cooking makes the collagen in bone broth totally digestible. This simply isn’t true. Collagen is such of tough protein that it must be “hydrolyzed” (broken down using enzymes) into peptides to be fully absorbed and used by the body.

Ironically, bone broths and gelatins promoted for gut health may actually cause bloating, digestive issues, and even fatigue. This is because they contain unhydrolyzed whole food collagen, which is poorly absorbed.

A medical-grade liquid collagen peptide supplement like AminoSculpt Sugar-Free is your best choice for high-quality collagen.

  • Multi-Benefit: Healthy weight loss, gut health, healthy hair, skin & nails, healthy joints & sleep.*
  • More Collagen: A clinical-strength dose of 16,000 mg of Type 1 collagen peptides in every serving.
  • Easy to Take: Get high-dose collagen in a tiny liquid serving instead of handfuls of pills or chews.
  • Most Natural: Grass-fed collagen protein, hydrolyzed with fruit enzymes, made in the USA.
  • Clean Formula: Paleo-friendly, sugar-free, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, no sodium benzoate.


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