Nutritional Hair Scan

Each Optimize Report represents the opportunity for someone to make changes to their diet, nutritional and lifestyle in support of optimum physiology through epigenetics.

The data which forms each report is based on informational resonance with the database of environmental files and is not a physical measure of elements or factors affecting the body or stored in the hair. As such, it is not considered diagnostic nor medical in nature.

Each comparison indicates the relevance of an environmental influence based on a numerical value generated. This value has no scale or baseline but reflects the individual’s response to the influence which can be different for every person.

The data is visualized in the charts and tables of the reports and is categorized to make it easy to understand and use the information.

The overview chart allows you to quickly assess the key issues and identify the main areas for attention.

The items with the highest resonance (those which influence the person most strongly) are marked as Priorities (with a P). Those with lower relevance are Advisories, marked with an (A). A lower level of relevance is indicated by ‘consider’ items.

The size of a segment indicates its overall relevance to the person in relation to the other items in the same chart. This way of viewing data in relation to other data is more holistic.

There is a list of 90-day food restrictions which are not on the allergy scale but in the sensitivity scale. These are foods which reduce the overall efficiency of the system.

For each item indicated, there will be a recommended list of foods which can be added to the diet. These foods are information sources that will enable the body to operate in a more efficient way and will help with optimum gene expression through epigenetics.


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